Exclusive: American Hostage Passed on Chance to Escape

Kayla Mueller chose to stay behind because she didn't want to abandon a fellow foreign aid worker, a decision that may have cost her life.


The Islamic State Brings the War to Saudi Arabia

With the deadly suicide bombing of a Saudi mosque, the Islamic State may be debuting a new strategy: lone-wolf attacks inside the kingdom.


Egypt’s Sisi Is Getting Pretty Good … at Being a Dictator

But will the army continue to back the president if the economy starts to tank?

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Read Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Emails Here

The State Department released a tranche of Hillary Clinton's private e-mails on Friday, which include her correspondences following the 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya in her capacity as secretary of state. The first batch of 296 e-mails can be viewed here on the State Department's website.

U.S. Military Trains Iraqi Army
The Cable

Top U.S. General: Many Iraqis Believe Washington Aiding Islamic State

The general in charge of U.S. special operations forces in Iraq for the past six months says Washington's information campaign in the Middle East is so inadequate that many Iraqi troops believe American forces are secretly supplying the Islamic State — potentially leaving U.S. forces vulnerable to reprisal attacks from their nominal allies in the fight against the militants.

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