Will Putin Use the Energy Weapon Against Turkey?

Moscow is warning it will strike back after the downing of a Russian plane. But is it willing to jeopardize its own economy to do so?


Sympathy for the Syrian Devil

As President François “Rambo” Hollande comes to Washington with guns ablaze, it’s time for the West to deal with the real problem in Syria.


The Kremlin’s Holy Warrior

The Russian Orthodox church has blessed Vladimir Putin’s Syrian intervention as a sacred crusade. Jihadists in Syria happen to agree.

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A Bosnian Muslim woman, survivor of Sreb

The Bosnian War Cables

The 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords is a time to reflect on the power of American diplomacy. But it is also a time for a reckoning of America’s dismal diplomatic response to genocide in the heart of Europe.

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