Joint Special Operations Complainers

The Pentagon has thrown tens of billions of dollars at America’s secret warriors, but they’re still asking for more.


Tea Leaf Nation

Is the Shanghai Stock Market Bubble Finally Bursting?

China’s biggest index just took a stomach-churning plunge. Is this a sign of things to come?



Can Anyone Stop Erdogan’s Bid for Total Power?

A high-stakes political battle between the Kurds and the ruling party could decide the future of Turkish democracy.

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Berlusconi’s New Instagram Feed Is the Most Berlusconi Thing Ever

Former Italian Prime Minister, current billionaire convict, and longtime plastic surgery enthusiast Silvio Berlusconi joined the photo sharing site Instagram last week, in the run-up to regional elections on Sunday that pose a survival test for his center-right Forza Italia party, which has been effectively run into the ground thanks to its leader's various misdeeds.

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