Why Putin Is So Committed to Keeping Assad in Power

Putin's growing military support for the beleaguered Syrian leader is meant to send a clear message to other anxious despots about Russian loyalty to its friends.


The Men Who Pretend to Be Syrian Refugees

Overworked officials on the small Greek island of Lesbos are struggling to determine who’s really Syrian among the thousands of migrants trying to win a new life in Europe.

Shadow Government

It’s Time for the United States to Start Worrying About a Saudi Collapse

Barack Obama has abandoned America’s crucial ally in the Gulf just as it faces a war to its south, an ascendant Iran, and fissures within the royal family.

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Hillary Clinton And NYC’s First Lady Announce Childhood Dev’pt Initiative
The Cable

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Pacific Trade Pact

After months of campaign hedging, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday announced her opposition to the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord. It was a break from one of President Barack Obama’s signature economic achievements — and one that she personally championed for years as secretary of state.



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