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Benghazi Takes Down a U.S. Politician — and It’s Not Hillary Clinton

Citing Benghazi gaffe, Kevin McCarthy withdraws from the House speaker race, leaving the Republican leadership in disarray.


Winter Is Coming. And So Is Ukraine’s Far Right.

An armed, radical threat could tear Ukraine apart before snow falls in Kiev.


Will Heads Roll at the Pentagon for the MSF Hospital ‘Mistake’?

Doctors Without Borders says U.S. troops committed a war crime in Kunduz. Three top American officers could pay the price.

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Hillary Clinton And NYC’s First Lady Announce Childhood Dev’pt Initiative
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Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Pacific Trade Pact

After months of campaign hedging, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday announced her opposition to the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord. It was a break from one of President Barack Obama’s signature economic achievements — and one that she personally championed for years as secretary of state.

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