Assad Strikes Back

The Syrian regime is gearing up for a counteroffensive that relies on Iran’s money and Shiite foreign fighters from as far away as Central Asia to push back against the Islamic State.


Will FIFA’s Sepp Blatter Be Shown the Red Card?

As corruption indictments swirl, soccer’s governing body prepares for a vote of confidence in its CEO.

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Looking to Study Abroad in China?

With cross-cultural education booming, FP surveys U.S. students on the risks and rewards of attending “China U.”

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Berlusconi’s New Instagram Feed Is the Most Berlusconi Thing Ever

Former Italian Prime Minister, current billionaire convict, and longtime plastic surgery enthusiast Silvio Berlusconi joined the photo sharing site Instagram last week, in the run-up to regional elections on Sunday that pose a survival test for his center-right Forza Italia party, which has been effectively run into the ground thanks to its leader's various misdeeds.



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