Ireland’s Coming Out Party

As modern, cosmopolitan Ireland votes on gay marriage, the ghosts of the country’s rabidly Catholic past are rising up.


U.S. Officials Debate Expanding the War Against the Islamic State

As militants from Libya to Pakistan join the Islamic State, a cautious Washington weighs taking the fight to “distant provinces.”


The New King of Siam

With Thailand’s ailing monarch fading from the scene, Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha is positioning himself to rule indefinitely -- by silencing all dissent.

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U.S. Military Trains Iraqi Army
The Cable

Top U.S. General: Many Iraqis Believe Washington Aiding Islamic State

The general in charge of U.S. special operations forces in Iraq for the past six months says Washington's information campaign in the Middle East is so inadequate that many Iraqi troops believe American forces are secretly supplying the Islamic State — potentially leaving U.S. forces vulnerable to reprisal attacks from their nominal allies in the fight against the militants.

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