The Tsunami Report Card: Indicators

The Tsunami Report Card: Indicators

The Tsunami Report Card: Indicators Posted December 2005

Death and Displacement

Last years December 26 tsunami was the deadliest tsunami in recorded history and one of the worst natural disasters in modern times. As of late November, 225,934 people were either dead or missing. A dozen Indian Ocean countries suffered death and destruction, and citizens of several dozen other countries were killed as well. The disaster hit the poor particularly hard, and many more women were killed than men. Of the 1.7 million displaced, hundreds of thousands continue to live with family or friends while tens of thousands remain in tent camps and temporary shelters.

Want to Know More?
The U.N. Office of the Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery offers comprehensive data on the tsunami recovery, and ReliefWeb maintains a tsunami page with information from governments, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral institutions. The World Bank, in cooperation with other multilateral institutions, has produced a series of in-depth assessments on the impact of the tsunami on the most affected countries. The United Nations and national governments are making unprecedented efforts to demonstrate transparency in their allocation of money for tsunami recovery. A U.N. Flash Appeal Web site tracks expenditures, and development assistance databases that track spending on specific projects can be found for Thailandand Sri Lanka.