Morning brief, April 12

Morning brief, April 12


Ahmadinejad announced that his country is enriching uranium now, and "officially" has nuclear technology. The claim is that they can produce highly enriched uranium (bomb grade stuff). AP video here.

Please see the NYT story, just for the strange photograph with the caption: "Men in traditional uniforms danced Tuesday during a parade in Mashhad and lifted containers said to hold uranium enriched by Iran."

One Bush advisor thinks too many carrots, not enough sticks is the problem…Russia tells Tehran to stop.

The must-read oped for today comes from David Ignatius:

The Bush administration has demonstrated, in too many ways, that it's better at starting fights than finishing them. It shouldn't make that same mistake again. Threats of war will be more convincing if they come slowly and reluctantly, when it has become clear that truly there is no other choice.

Anatol Lieven thinks he has a solution to the whole problem: limited enrichment within Iran. Similar to what Dan Badger argued on

For an out-of-the-loop and overly stylized perspective, check out Simon Jenkins in the Guardian

This week's most terrifying remark came from the foreign secretary, Jack Straw. He declared that a nuclear attack on Iran would be "completely nuts" and an assault of any sort "inconceivable". In Straw-speak, "nuts" means he's just heard it is going to happen and "inconceivable" means certain.


Wrap your head around what a young Shiite Pakistani has to think and believe to suicide bomb 50 at a Sunni gathering in Karachi. If you've read good stuff on the rise in Shia-Sunni violence worldwide, email links to me. (We're still working on getting comments up. Sorry for the wait).

Whew. Good thing that the Iraqi death sqads are not really police forces. Want to know how the police force formation is going? Read a recent US News investigation on the sad state of affairs.   

Jonah Goldberg: fix Mexico first. Colombia's not-so-soft coca drink. Berlusconi is a sore loser. Israel Defence Forces on high alert for Passover. Google defends it's compliance with Chinese censorship. Greenspan wants stronger Asian currencies. The left's misguiged military hatred.