Quotable: Latin America’s Next Top Caudillo

Quotable: Latin America’s Next Top Caudillo


Supermodel Naomi Campbell apparently really dug deep last week when she got the chance to interview Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for the British edition of GQ. Asked which world leader is the best dressed, Chávez plugged his friend’s radical chic:

Fidel, of course! His uniform is impeccable. His boots are polished, his beard is elegant.”

The Venezuelan strongman also had some choice words for George W. Bush:

Like the fairy-tale, the emperor [George Bush] is naked. We’ve seen the emperor’s ass.”

And, bizarrely, the British royal family: 

I like the Prince. Now he has Camilla, his new girl. She’s not attractive is she?”

Don’t be offended, Charles. He’s probably just jealous.