PBR is now America’s beer…sort of

PBR is now America’s beer…sort of

Coors, Miller, and now Anheuser-Busch are all owned by foreign conglomerates. So where can a patriotic guy find an all-American brew these days?

Believe it or not, Pabst Brewing Company is now the largest American-owned brewer. But Pabst doesn’t even brew its own beer anymore. All 29 Pabst beers, from Schlitz, to Lone Star to Colt 45 to the legendary Pabst Blue Ribbon are outsourced to SAB Miller, based in South Africa.

Next on the list comes Boston Beer Company, which counterintuitively bottles its famous Sam Adams lager in Pennsylvania.

Third is D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc., known far and wide as America’s oldest brewery, operating in Pottsville, PA since 1829.

Here’s the full list of America’s top American-owned breweries according to the Brewer’s Association:

  1. Pabst Brewing Co.
  2. Boston Beer Co.
  3. D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc.
  4. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  5. New Belgium Brewing Co. Inc.
  6. High Falls Brewing Co.
  7. Spoetzl Brewery
  8. Widmer Brothers Brewing Group
  9. Redhook Ale Brewery
  10. Pyramid Breweries Inc.

You can almost taste the freedom.