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The Washington Post‘s Carlos Lozada may have gotten the jump on the new FP cover story (“Think Again: Bush’s Legacy“) about George W. Bush’s presidency by David Frum, but the entire September/October issue is out now and it’s chock full of really great stuff.

Top to bottom, it’s a really fantastic issue, but some of the main highlights are: “The Secret History of Kim Jong Il,” an inside look at the dark life and times of North Korea’s Dear Leader by his former Russian teacher; “How Economics Can Defeat Corruption,” an innovative look at the scourge of smugglers and other rogues by two extraordinarily creative economists, Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel; and “The Deadly World of Fake Drugs,” by Roger Bate of the American Enterprise Institute.

We’ve also got an “epiphanies” interview with a pensive Francis Fukuyama, a graphical look at the global trash problem, and, of course, the FP/Center for American Progress 2008 Terrorism Index.

This year’s T-Index, in which we take the pulse of the foreign-policy establishment, reveals a new trend: signs of progress. Unlike the other articles mentioned above, it’s free for non-subscribers, so click away.

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