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Harry Reid misses Hillary already, nearly cries

Harry Reid misses Hillary already, nearly cries

The Politico‘s Amie Parnes surreptitiously parked herself outside of Hillary Clinton’s closed goodbye-to-the-Senate party last night, getting a good view of many of the tears shed and speeches given, and her report is quite the tear-jerker.

Clinton, whose eyes welled up as she worked the elegant LBJ room in the Capitol, hugged and kissed colleagues, posed for pictures and thanked them one by one as she reminded them she would be "just around the corner." Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) nearly choked up as he spoke. "Parting is such sweet sorrow — I have such sweet memories of you," he said. "I feel like crying." An emotional Clinton responded, "This is not goodbye — this is just a wave, Harry. … We’re going to be in each others’ hearts and minds."

Reid does know that Foggy Bottom is a 10-minute cab ride from the Senate, right?

At the end of the night, after greeting more than 31 senators as well as Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and several New York Congress members, Hillary left her party, telling her guests, "Let’s go out and make the future better than it is." She always did give a good farewell speech.