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Hillary will be pretty in pink for the inauguration balls

Hillary will be pretty in pink for the inauguration balls

Although everyone else will be craning their necks on Tuesday to catch a glimpse of Michelle and Barack Obama (or consolation prizes Jill and Joe Biden), I’m going to be looking over everyone’s shoulders for Hillary. People made her just a little easier to spot today by publishing an interview with Oscar de la Renta, who designed Hillary’s inaugural day look and her gown.

De la Renta says that her swearing-in outfit is in royal blue — which is the color she wore for yesterday’s goodbye speech. He decribes her gown for the balls thusly: 

De la Renta says she will be “wearing a very, very beautiful dress…pink and grey with this beautiful embroidery.”

I’ll admit, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of pink, but, then, neither is Hillary, so it must be something special.

In fact, one of the few times she’s been photographed in pink was last year, in the infamous cleavage incident of 2007. Hillary, who has never been one for showing off her womanly attributes (though she should!), inspired vats of ink with one suit she wore to the floor of the Senate that showed an entire inch of cleavage. It hasn’t been seen since.

De la Renta says that he and Clinton often argue about showing off cleavage or her shoulders, as she feels uncomfortable subjecting herself to the potential for criticism for doing so. But he, like me, is hoping she leaves her modesty-shawl at home and rocks out on Tuesday night with the rest of us.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment