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Who will fill Hillary’s seat, if not her shoes?

Who will fill Hillary’s seat, if not her shoes?

With Hillary Clinton’s move to State imminent, eyes are on New York Governor David Paterson these days. While making the rounds in Washington for the inauguration, he got asked over and over again who he plans to name to replace Hillary. Speculation runs high that Caroline Kennedy remains the favorite, though Paterson confirmed that State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is also in the running. For her part, despite having campaigned for Obama and led his VP search, Caroline Kennedy was absent from the inaugural festivities, leading some to speculate that she already knows she’s not in.

The best part, though, is it seems that Paterson really hasn’t made up his mind, though he might be a little sick of getting advice from every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the world, as he recently stated that none of them would be a perfect replacement. Asked to explain, he added:

Starting on their first day they are not. Starting on Senator Clinton’s first day, people thought that she wasn’t from New York, didn’t have any previous political experience, had one policy endeavor, healthcare, a policy initiative that flopped. They were real down on her and now she seems as if no one can replace her.”

Well, actually, that is how a lot of New Yorkers feel right now, especially when the top contenders are a political neophyte and a man that couldn’t beat H. Carl McCall in a primary.

Max Whittaker/Getty Images News