Marc Lynch

Sign of the (coming) Middle East

Sign of the (coming) Middle East

Signs of the coming new Middle East:  

The top story in today’s online version of the leading pan-Arab Saudi-owned daily al-Hayat? The visit to Saudi Arabia by China’s President Hu Jintao, who promises to improve Saudi-Chinese cooperation, and to look out for regional stability (as any great power with interests there might).



Israel’s elections? A victory for the “extremist right” and relegated to the second tier… next to French President Sarkozy’s visit to Baghdad, where Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki declares the “end of the era of American pressure.”


UPDATE: It’s telling that very few American media outlets appear to have even noticed the Chinese President’s meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. I couldn’t find even a mention in the New York Times or the Washington Post or  It doesn’t even make our own Foreign Policy Passport morning roundup. Maybe Ambassador to Iraq-designate Christopher Hill’s Asian experience will prove useful and relevant after all…