Miniskirts and hijabs find common enemy

Miniskirts and hijabs find common enemy

The miniskirt and the hijab (the traditional Islamic headscarf) might be on opposite ends of the women’s fashion spectrum, but they’ve found a common enemy in the government of Uzbekistan which deems both items “alien” to Uzbek culture and hazardous to your health. From RFE/RL’s TransMission blog:

Speaking in a 25-minute long, prime-time television program aired this week, Uzbek officials and doctors cited health and security reasons to condemn both the hijab and the miniskirt.

“Some religious extremist women carried guns under their hijab,” warned an official from the state religious committee in the television program called “Tahdid” (“Threat”). 

The hijab can also cause oxygen and calcium deficiencies, warned doctors. As for women who wear miniskirts, they were advised to dress with “moderation” to prevent susceptibility to all kinds of infections and other unspecified health problems. 

Tajikistan apparently tried to do something similar in 2007, banning both garments on university campuses. According to TransMission, the hijab ban was more effective than the miniskirt one.