Daniel W. Drezner

My dream job in the Obama administration

My dream job in the Obama administration

Ever since Barack Obama was elected, I’ve received myriad queries about whether I’m going into the administration.  And, for a variety of reasons, my answer has always been, "no, not interested." 

After reading Ryan Lizza’s profile of Rahm Emanuel in The New Yorker, however, I must confess that there is one job that I would do for free: 

I noticed that over [Emanuel’s] left shoulder, on the credenza behind him, was an official-looking name plate, which he said was a birthday present from his two brothers. It read “Undersecretary for Go F**k Yourself.”

Now that’s my kind of job.  It’s a bit senior for me, though.  If asked to serve, I would consider the stepping stone to that position — Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eat S**t and Die.