The YouTube video that could bring down Guatemala’s government

The YouTube video that could bring down Guatemala’s government

Days before his murder, Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg recorded this video predicting that he would soon be killed and that the Guatemala’s President Alvaro Colom would be responsible:

Rosenberg was shot and killed while riding his bicycle on Sunday. He had been representing a financial expert named Khalil Musa who was himself murdered along with his daughter after accusing a state-owned bank of corruption. Rosenberg had publicly accused the government of conspiring the kill Musa. The video quickly went viral after Rosenberg’s death, sparking anti-government demonstrations with thousands of angy protesters demanding Colom’s resignation and calling for an international investigation.

Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin has been following the tech angle on all of this including today’s arrest of an IT worker for "inciting financial panic" by suggesting on Twitter that Guatemalans remove their money from the accused bank. Guatemalan Twitter users are responding by retweeting his post en masse.

Do we have a second "twitter revolution" on our hands? And does this one have a better chance of success? Over to you, Evgeny.

Update: Great rundown of the situation so far from Ethan Zuckerman.