Names: NIC, ambassador

Names: NIC, ambassador

Christopher Kojm, the former deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence policy and coordination (and former deputy director of the 9/11 commission), will be named chairman of the National Intelligence Council, associates told The Cable. Kojm, another former Lee Hamilton aide on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, served as a senior advisor to the Iraq Study Group, and as a member of the national security policy review team for the Obama-Biden transition. He didn’t respond to a query.

Casimir Yost, the former head of the Institute for Study of Diplomacy at Georgetown, will be named Director of the Long Range Analysis Unit of the NIC, and is expected to start in June, a note from a Georgetown University colleague to the community said. For the past several years, Yost has run a seminar organized around the theme of "strategic surprise," i.e., what could happen in various parts of the world that would be unexpected and destabilizing. Yost couldn’t immediately be reached. (Mathew Burrows will remain NIC counselor, the council’s No. 3 position.) 

Karen Kornbluh is expected to be named U.S. ambassador to the OECD, associates said. Kornbluh served as policy director for then Sen. Barack Obama and founded the New America Foundation’s Work and Family Program. She previously served as deputy chief of staff at the Department of the Treasury, as a director of legal and intergovernmental affairs at the Federal Communications Commission, and as an aide to Sen. John Kerry on the Senate Commerce Committee. She couldn’t immediately be reached.

Brookings’s Philip Gordon, a former Clinton-era NSC director for Europe, was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs last night.