Daniel W. Drezner

Damn you, USA Today headline editor!!!!!!

Damn you, USA Today headline editor!!!!!!

I’ve blogged before about the awesome and misplaced power of headline editors.  They can erroneously move markets and piss off bloggers who don’t read through to the end of an article — confuse readers. 

Well, USA Today let me down.  Google News sent me to this USA Today story (really a blog post) with the headline, "Obama says nation needs more nerds."

And I thought to myself, "Yes!!!  Finally, we can expand our power from out current base of Hollywood comic book movie franchises and start to dominate the real corridors of power." 

Alas, there’s nothing in the actual story to suggest that Obama said those words.  Indeed, there’s nothing in the fact sheet on the Cyberspace Policy Review report where Obama says that either. 

Now I must go back to my regularly scheduled work, while adding another headline editor to my list. 

Oh, yes, there’s a list.