Taiwan court upholds “right to look good”

Taiwan court upholds “right to look good”

Concerned toupee wearers everywhere will be heartened to hear the latest hairpiece news from Taiwan:

A man who tore the wig off a telegenic Taiwan legislator last year was sentenced to five months in jail for depriving the MP of his freedom to look good, a court spokesman said Tuesday.

Chiu Yi (shown above arguing with police during voting in the 2004 elections) is a sometimes-controversial Chinese Nationalist Party politician, known for his many accusations against the opposing Democratic Progressive Party. But freedom of expression took a new form in this case:

“The judge thought Chiu Yi had the freedom to wear what he wanted, and Chiu felt the wig made him look prettier,” court spokesman Huang Chin-ming said. “The judge thinks that to remove it intentionally was to take away that right.”

Remember, don’t hate someone because they’re beautiful