“I will just shock you with my eyes.”

“I will just shock you with my eyes.”

You’re a member of the "urban control squad" in Wuhan, China. One day, you see a roadside restaurant that doesn’t have a license to operate al fresco. They ignore your warnings and threats. What to do?

Stare at ’em until they remorsefully crawl back indoors, that’s what.

Teams of authorities in China have, yes, gathered in crowds to silently, as Chongqing Times puts it, "shock you with my eyes":

A restaurant selling fried shrimp had set up five or six tables on the pedestrian lane. Hills of shrimp shells could be seen on the table.

‘You are breaking the city appearance regulations. Please cooperate and move your tables inside.’ ‘I won’t get any business inside.’ After persuasion failed, 50 team members stood in a circle and stared silently at the customers and the boss. After a 27-minute-long confrontation, two group of customers left and eventually the boss of the restaurant moved the table back inside.

Really? What’s next? Giant manga posters to drive home the point?