Iran’s fake Twitter feeds

Iran’s fake Twitter feeds

Since Twitter started getting coverage for its role in the goings-on in Iran, commentators have expressed concern over which Twitter feeds are fake, and whether Twitter could be used to spread disinformation. The unofficial Twitter watchdog Twitspam has a list of “fake Iran election tweeters,” and their feeds make for fascinating examples of reverse propaganda in action.

Their techniques have different approaches and levels of subtelty. Some simply make up silly stories, like one user’s claim “BREAKINGNEWS: Ahmedinejads plane take off from Russia 2 hours ago & lost over BlackSea! Does he know how to swim? confrmation?” or another’s insistence that “Mussavi concedes, pleads halt to protest.” Others take a more egotistical approach, such as this user generously volunteering to become the leader: “Saturday – small groups organized by “ERAN SPAHBOD RUSTAM” will attack government buildings and basij.women,children stay home.” Finally, some Tweeters, in their rush to spread violence, seem rather unclear as to correct grammatical usage of Arabic words: “Get a mask and gloves – lets intifada tonight on the streets of Teheran – My group will barricade one street. Make your group 2. kick ass”

The most pernicious fake Twitter user, though, has been Persian_Guy, who’s not only provided fake news ( “Mussavi overheard: ‘We don’t need a black man’s help, that’s humiliating, at least not arab.'”) and calls for violence (“”non-Iranian Arabs waving Hamas/Hezbollah flags around the protests. Kill Arabs now, they are scums!”), but has even brought Twitter into the fake narrative. According to this user, “Twitter’s staff are ecstatic by what’s happening in Iran, “We’re so glad there’s chaos in Iran, finally Twitter is ‘useful.'”” Somehow, I doubt that will endear him to his fellow Tweeters.

David Paul Morris/Getty Images