When it’s more than a game

When it’s more than a game

In the wake of the Iran’s soccer team wearing opposition armbands in a match this week, Judah Grunstein at World Politics Review has a list of his “admittedly U.S.-centric” top 5 international sports events with political significance. His explanations are worth reading, but here’s the bare list:

  1. U.S. vs. USSR, 1980 Olympic hockey.

  2. Hungary vs. USSR, 1956 Olympic water polo.

  3. Jesse Owens vs. Adolph Hitler, 1936 Olympics.

  4. Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling, 1936 and 1938 World Heavyweight boxing title.

  5. U.S.-USSR, 1972 Olympic basketball.

Can you think of any others you would add?

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