G-8 Basketball: Who gets dunked on first?

G-8 Basketball: Who gets dunked on first?

Before the G-8 summit began, intrepid Guardian reporter John Hooper infiltrated the L’Aquila barracks hosting world leaders and discovered a makeshift basketball court constructed especially to make Barack Obama feel welcome. 

As Hooper’s quick photo makes clear, it is little more than a portable hoop on some concrete, but given that L’Aquila is an earthquake zone and that there was doubt Italy would finish its preparations in time for the summit, host Silvio Berlusconi deserves some credit for trying. 

Each G-8 leader was limited to an entourage of 25, but that should be more than enough to get some real games going during the breaks. If anyone actually plays, will the game help blow off steam or add to the drama

Hat tip: The indispensable Baller-in-Chief

Update: Baller-in-Chief digs deeper with some comparative height analysis. Obama and Jose Manuel Barroso (president of the European Commission) seem to be the tallest.