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Clinton staying at Taj Mahal hotel

Clinton staying at Taj Mahal hotel

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel, Nov. 27, 2008 | INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty Images 

While in Mumbai, India, Secretary Clinton is staying in a three-room suite at the iconic Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel, which was badly damaged during last November’s terrorist siege of the city. The entire floor she’s staying on has been cordoned off, and about 200 police officers are stationed around the hotel, reports German press agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

On Saturday, Clinton is expected to engage in remembrance events for the victims of the siege, including visits to attack sites and meeting with survivors. On Sunday, she’ll be off to New Delhi, the capital.

Although Clinton with be discussing how India and the United States can strengthen their strategic partnership and forge initiatives in a number of areas — counterterrorism, trade, agriculture, etc. — an important focus of her talks will be nuclear cooperation. The two countries signed an important deal last year that permits American companies to sell nuclear material and equiment to India for civilian use even though India hasn’t signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It is also expected that there will be an announcement of two sites for nuclear power plants to be built by American companies for $10 billion.