Foreign Policy’s Twitterati 100

Foreign Policy’s Twitterati 100


Fareed Zakaria (@FareedGPSCNN)—Editor of Newsweek International and host of CNN’s GPS. His latest book, The Post-American World, is a New York Times bestseller.

Bill Easterly (@bill_easterly)—NYU economics professor and aid skeptic. Takes pride in being the 8th-most-famous person from Bowling Green, OH.

Juan Cole (@jricole)—President of the Global Americana Institute, professor of history at the University of Michigan, and Middle East politics blogger.

Evan Osnos (@eosnos)—Staff writer for The New Yorker. Former Beijing bureau chief and Middle East correspondent for The Chicago Tribune.

Nicholas Kristof (@nytimeskristof)—Columnist for the New York Times. Has traveled to every member of the Axis of Evil at least twice.

Joe Cirincione (@Cirincione)— President of the Ploughshares Fund, expert on nonproliferation issues and Washington National fanatic.

Lara Setrakian (@LaraABCNews)—Reporter for ABC News  with great access on Iran. Currently based in Dubai, UAE.

Gideon Rachman (@gideonrachman)—Chief international politics commentator for the Financial Times.

Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman)—National security correspondent for The Washington Independent. Blogs on everything from Afghanistan policy to comic books to punk rock.

Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias)—D.C. blogosphere fixture now residing at the Center for American Progress.

Steve Clemons (@SCClemons)—Director of the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program and a blogger at The Washington Note.

Mark Leon Goldberg (@MarkLGoldberg)—Blogger for the United Nations Foundation’s UN Dispatch, which covers the inner workings of Turtle Bay and Foggy Bottom.

Tom Barnett (@thomaspmbarnett)—Influential security expert, military consultant., and columnist.

Peter Daou (@peterdaou)—Political consultant and commentator. Former Internet advisor to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

Al Gore (@algore)—Former vice president. Tree hugger.

Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel)—NYU professor of economics and international business. Prophet of Doom.

Dambisa Moyo (@dambisamoyo) Zambian-born economist and author of “Dead Aid.”

James Joyner (@drjjoyner)—Manging Editor of the Atlantic Council. Blogger at Outside the Beltway. Gulf War veteran.

Kaiser Kuo (@kaiserkuo)—American-raised blogger, dot-com entrepreneur and rock guitarist based in Beijing.

Boris Johnson (@MayorOfLOndon)—London’s outspoken and colorful mayor. Telegraph columnist

Barham Salih (@BarhamSalih)—The deputy prime minister of Iraq. Holds a doctorate in oceanography.

UN Secretary General (@secgen)—Unofficial feed showing Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s daily agenda.

Stephen Harper (@pmharper)—Prime minister of Canada. Prefers overtime to shootouts when breaking an ice hockey stalemate.

Matt Steinglass (@mattsteinglass)—Freelance reporter based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ranj Alaaldin (@RanjAlaaldin)—A political researcher and analyst specializing in the Middle East. A doctoral candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Mina al Oraibi (@AlOraibi)—Reporter for the pan-Arab daily Asharq Alawsat.

Danny Ayalon (@DannyAyalon)—Deputy foreign minister of Israel.

Kevin Flower (@KevinFlowerCNN)—Middle East correspondent for CNN.

Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu)—Prime minister of Israel.

Bill Keller (@nytkeller)—Executive editor of the New York Times.

Nick Robinson (@bbcnickrobinson)—Political editor of the BBC.

Tim O’Brien (@TimOBrienNYT)—Sunday Business editor at the New York Times and mystery author.

Adm. Mike Mullen (@thejointstaff)—Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and highest-ranking officer in the U.S. military.

Vali Nasr (@vali_nasr) Iranian-American academic and professors at the Fletcher Shool at Tufts University

Anders Fogh Rasmussen (@AndersFoghR) Secretary General of NATO.

Hassan Abbas (@watandost) Fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center, former Pakistani Official, and author.

Alex Strick Van Linschoten (@strickvl) One of the only Western journalists living in Kandahar

Ashraf Ghani (@AshrafGhani) Chairman of the Institute of State Effectiveness. Former Afghan finance minister and presidential candidate.

Shmuel Rosner (@rosnersdomain) Editor and Columnist for the Jerusalem Post.

Tyler Cowen (@tylercowen)Professor of economics at George Mason University and pioneering econoblogger.

Rebecca MacKinnon (@rmack) Journalist and blogger focusing on China and technology.

Ethan Zuckerman (@ethanz) Director of the online news service Global Voices. 

Michael Yon (@michael_yon)

Institutions, organizations, and offices:

The Brookings Institution (@BrookingsFP)—The world’s most-cited think tank.

The Center for a New American Security (@CNASdc)—An up-and-coming security think tank in Washington, D.C.

The Council on Foreign Relations (@CFR_org)—Discussions about pressing foreign policy issues.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (@CarnegieEndow) An international think tank with offices in five countries.

Foreign Affairs (@ForeignAffairs_)—The international policy journal.

The U.S. State Department (@Dipnote)—The State Department’s official blog.

The National Iranian American Council (@NIACouncil)—A non-profit, non-partisan advocacy group for Iranian-Americans and a great Iran news source.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (@gatesfoundation)—The Microsoft founder’s philanthropic organization.

J Street (@jstreetdotorg)—A Washington lobbying group advocating Mideast peace.

The International Monetary Fund (@IMFNews)—The 186-country organization that monitors global trade and promotes sustainable economic growth.

The UK Foreign Office (@foreignoffice)—Britain’s tech-savvy liaison to the world.

The United Nations (@united_nations)—Anything and everything about the U.N.

National Geographic (@NatGeoChannel)—The world’s premier magazine on geography, natural history, and world culture.

The World Economic Forum (@davos)—Everything “Davos Man” needs to know.

Oxfam (@Oxfam)—The coalition of 13 NGOs devoted to combating global poverty.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (@iaeaorg)—The international nuclear weapons monitoring agency.

The Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University (@elliottschoolgw)—Home of GWU’s graduate programs in international affairs.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (@OSCE)—With 56 members, the largest regional security organization in the world.

Amnesty International (@amnesty)—The worldwide campaign for global human rights.

#10 Downing (@DowningStreet)—Office of the British prime minister.

The New America Foundation (@NewAmerica)—A non-partisan think tank in Washington, D.C.

The Federation of American Scientists (@FAScientists)—Provides analysis on international security from a scientific and technical perspective.

Asia Society (@AsiaSociety)—Educating Americans about the culture and history of Asia.

Harvard Kennedy School (@Kennedy_School)—Harvard’s elite program on public policy and international affairs.

Atlantic Council (@AtlanticCouncil)—Encourages improved relations between the United States and its European partners.

The Voice of America (@VOA_News)—The U.S. government’s broadcasting service for public diplomacy and news, targeted to an international audience.

The International Crisis Group (@CrisisGroup)—Providing the latest information on violenct conflicts around the world.

The Washington Institute for Near-East Policy (@washinstitute)—Research institution and advocacy think tank on Middle East affairs.

The United States Institute of Peace (@USIP)—Congressionally founded organization promoting conflict resolution.

UNHCR (@Refugees)—The United Nations’ refugee agency.

The Henry L. Stimson Center (@HLStimson)—Pursues research on international security and nonproliferation.

News and blogs:

The United Nations Information Centers (@unic)—A single source for news about the UN.

TehranBureau (@TehranBureau)—News from Iran.

BBC World (@bbcworld)—The BBC’s international desk.

Real Clear World (@RealClearWorld)—From the creators of Real Clear Politics, a continuous stream of global political commentary.

Al Jazeera (@AJEnglish)—The Arabic network’s English-language channel.

The Economist (@TheEconomist)—The venerable British news weekly.

SkyNews (@SkyNews)—Breaking news from Britain and across the world.

The Guardian (@guardiannews)—Britain’s widely read left-leaning daily.

CNN International (@CNNInternatDesk)—The U.S. cable network’s international service.

Dispatches (@dispatches_mag)—Long-form reporting on international issues.

UN Dispatch (@undispatch)—Commentary on the United Nations from @MarkLGoldberg, @peterdaou and others.

Harper’s (@harpers)—The monthly magazine focusing on politics, literature, and culture.

The New Yorker (@NewYorkerDotCom)—The flagship weekly magazine, with additional cartoons, blogs, audio, video, and archives dating to 1925.

Shanghaiist (@shanghaiist)—Londonist’s cousin in Shanghai.

Haaretz Opinion (@haaretzopinion)—Columns and op-eds from the Israeli daily.

AllAfrica (@allafrica)—An aggregator of news from across Africa.

GlobalPost (@GlobalPost)—Freelance reporting from around the globe.

AfPak Channel (@AfPakChannel) The latest on Afghanistan and Pakistan from the New America Foundation in partnership with Foreign Policy.

El Pais (@el_pais)—Spain’s largest newspaper.

World Politics Review (@wpreview)—In-depth analysis of contemporary global politics.

SWJ (@smallwars)—Online clearinghouse for the latest thinking on counterinsurgency.

Danger Room (@dangerroom)—Wired magazine’s acclaimed military blog.

U.S. Forces Afghanistan (@usfora)—Links about the United States military effort in Afghanistan.

Dot Earth (@dotearth)—The New York Times’s climate change and environmental blog

FT Energy Source (@ftenergysource)—Energy and the environment, with a Financial Times-style twist.

Economists’ Forum (@economistsforum)—An ongoing panel discussion of economic issues sponsored by the Financial Times.

Plus: FP’ers who tweet:

In addition to @evgenymorozov and @abuaardvark, you can also find the following FP staffers on Twitter:

Foreign Policy (@FP_magazine)—The official Foreign Policy feed.

Evgeny Morozov (@evgenymorozov) Yahoo fellow at Georgetown University and writter of FP’s Net Effect blog.

Marc Lynch (@abuaardvark) Associate professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University and Middle East blogger.  

Josh Rogin (@joshrogin) Staff writer and Cable blogger. 

Colum Lynch (@columlynch) Washington Post U.N. correspondent and Turtle Bay blogger.

Daniel Drezner (@dandrezner) Professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and writer of an eponymous blog.

Blake Hounshell (@blakehounshell)—Managing editor

Annie Lowrey (@annielowrey)—Assistant editor

Joshua Keating (@joshuakeating)—Associate editor

Elizabeth Dickinson (@dickinsonbeth)—Assistant managing editor

Britt Peterson (@brittkpeterson) Deputy managing editor

Christina Larson (@larsonchristina) Contributing editor