Friday round up: Boyer tapped as Europe DAS, Goldwyn in at State, Kennedy’s staffers

Friday round up: Boyer tapped as Europe DAS, Goldwyn in at State, Kennedy’s staffers

Appointments: The Center for American Progress’ Spencer Boyer starts Monday as the deputy assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eurasian affairs, reporting to Assistant Secretary Philip Gordon. At State, Boyer will be focused on western Europe as well as public diplomacy and press relations for the whole European bureau. Before coming to CAP, where he specialized on transatlantic and European affairs and multilateralism, Boyer worked at international courts and tribunals in the Hague, Zurich and Paris. He declined to comment.

State’s Europe bureau has six DASes, including Russia specialist Dan Russell, a foreign service officer who previously served as chief of staff to Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns.

Sworn in: International energy consultant and former senior advisor to Bill Richardson at the UN and Energy Department David Goldwyn was sworn in August 17 as the State Department coordinator for international energy affairs.

USAID: An association of foreign assistance groups, the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, represented by PR firm the Glover Park Group, has launched a poll asking who should be the next USAID administrator.

Kennedy’s staffers: "In the Kennedy mediathon that is now taking place," a Hill foreign policy hand notes, "you might look at the large circle of foreign policy aides who got their start under Kennedy." The ones that come to mind, he said: Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg, White House general counsel Gregory Craig,  and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nancy Soderberg, who all served as foreign policy advisors to the Massachusetts senator. "Although Kennedy was never seen as a foreign policy heavyweight, his staff went places in the foreign policy world."