A.Q. Khan plagiarizes newspaper column

A.Q. Khan plagiarizes newspaper column

Nuclear secrets aren’t the only thing A.Q. Khan steals. The world’s most infamous proliferator, who was just released after five years of house arrest, has been caught stealing in a column for Pakistan’s The News:

The newspaper column in question, “Science of computers — part I,” appears to have been lifted almost verbatim, from the computer science homepages of the University of Sussex, Imperial College London, and the University of Cambridge. A blow-by-blow comparison can be viewed in a letter to the editor of Pakistani daily The News, the same paper which carried the original column. (In the letter, the link to the University of Sussex is broken. Click here for the correct page.)

Also, “Random Thoughts” is probably not the best name for a newspaper column unless you’re writing it on MySpace.

On today, Leonard Spector explains how the international community can still hold Khan responsible for his somewhat more serious crimes.