Is the Donald putting up Qaddafi?

Is the Donald putting up Qaddafi?

After being rebuffed by both Englewood, New Jersey, and Upper East Side real estate agents, it appears that Libyan ledaer Muammar Qaddafi may have found a place to stay at Donald Trump’s estate in Bedford, New York. The Huffington Post reports:

Gaddafi’s Bedouin-style tent, the source says, is to be pitched on the lavish Seven Springs property that Trump has owned since 1995. An aide to Trump denied the report. It is "totally untrue," said Rhona Graff, a spokesman for the real estate mogul.

Pressed whether Gaddafi was planning to stay at Seven Springs, Graff only said that the Libyan leader wasn’t there currently. "He is not there to my knowledge," she said. "He is not there." The spokeswoman noted that Seven Springs is not Trump’s primary residence, though neighbors said that his children spend time there regularly.

I kind of hope this is true. I would image these two might actually get along. They do share similar ideas about interior decorating.