That’s OK — You can have the Olympics

That’s OK — You can have the Olympics

Last year, Passport made the case for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hosting the 2016 Olympics over closest rivals Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid.

Today, one Chicago website is making that same case.

“It would be exciting to host the Olympics here in Chicago,” says. “But you know what would be even better? Rio de Janeiro. Just let Rio host the 2016 Olympics. We don’t mind. Honest.”

Just eight days until the announcement of the winner, Chicagoans for Rio break down some reasons Brazil would host the games better. For instance: 

Statues. Rio has Christ standing. Chicago has Lincoln sitting. (To be fair, Chicago also has statues of Lincoln standing.)

Signature events. Rio has naked people dancing. Chicago has chubby people eating.

Nickname. Rio is the “Marvelous City.” Chicago is the “Second City.”

The site also points out Chicago has a budget deficit of nearly $220 million; they claim Rio has a $0 budget deficit because, “If you’re a Chicagoan, Rio’s budget deficit does not matter.”

They also say 21 of Athens’ 22 Olympic venues remain unused.

It appears the latest victim of recessionomics is the ambition to host the world’s second most important sporting event.