Chavez: See my movie

Chavez: See my movie

Chavez begins speech by extensively describing "South of the Border," Oliver Stone’s new movie about him. This is one high-profile movie plug.

"I’m not going to speak any more than Qaddafi. [Thank God. -ed] Qaddafi has said everything that has to be said. But I won’t speak less than Obama either…or Lula."

Chavez seems pretty annoyed that people are walking in late.

Something about creating a socialist biscuit factory.

"There was no socialism in the Soviet Union. The 21st century will be the century of socialism."

Qaddafi only talked about things that happened half a century ago. Chavez is going back to the dawn of life on earth. 

Uh oh. Chavez is talking about the Kennedy assassination too. 

‘I hope God will protect obama from the bullets that killed Kennedy.’

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our money quote: "It doesn’t smell of sulfur here anymore."

Chavez is just yukking it up. "Don’t anyone throw a shoe at me."

Finally, we get to Honduras.

"The Pentagon is behind the coup in Honduras."

Chavez asks if there are "two Obamas."

Apparently Chavez is "good friends" with King Juan Carlos now.

Noam Chomsky now? He’s already hyped Oliver Stone and Robert Galleano. This speech is just packed full of product placement. 

"I’m Venezuelan, but I feel like a Colombian." 

Chavez joins Sarkozy in praising the Stiglitz Report

Another book. Chavez now reading from Istvan Meszaros’s "Beyond Capital," calling it one of the "masterpieces of the 21st century. He’s giving Oprah a run for his money now.

Finished by breaking into song. Wow.