Netanyahu: “Jury still out on the United Nations”

Netanyahu: “Jury still out on the United Nations”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking right now and aggressively attacking the United Nations for its inaction on Iran:

The people of Iran are courageously standing up for this regime…. Will the U.N. stand by their side.The jury is still out on the United Nations but recent signs are not encouraging.

Discussing the Goldstone Report comdemning Israel’s actions in Gaza:

By these twisted standards, the U.N. Human Rights Council would put Roosevelt and Churchill in the docks. What a perversion of justice.

Shades of George W. Bush in 2001: "Will you stand with Israel, or will you stand with the terrorists?"

Wow…I missed the beginning of this one. Haaretz reports that Netanyahu held up a blueprint of Auschwitz and accused those who sat through Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech of having "no shame, no decency."