Videos from the Foreign Policy Initiative conference

Videos from the Foreign Policy Initiative conference

By Christian Brose

Videos from each session of this week’s Foreign Policy Initiative conference (no relation to Foreign Policy magazine) are now online, and I recommend them all to you.

Here is the discussion of the war in Afghanistan, especially the U.S. domestic politics of it, featuring Rep. Mark Kirk, Amb. Zalmay Khalilzad, and Gen. Mark Kimmitt (ret.), moderated by Jonathan Karl:

A conversation on democracy promotion between Elliott Abrams and Kenneth Wollack, moderated by Doyle McManus:

A discussion of Iran after the election between Ray Takeyh, Reuel Gerecht, and Karim Sadjadpour, moderated by Barbara Slavin:

A conversation about Iraq and Afghanistan with Mike O’Hanlon, Ken Pollack, and Gen. Dave Barno (ret.), moderated by Tom Donnelly:

And then, here is John McCain talking with Bob Kagan:

Mitt Romney talking with Dan Senor:

And Newt Gingrich talking with Bob Kagan: