Nairobi outlaws sneezing, loud noise

Nairobi outlaws sneezing, loud noise

The city council of Nairobi passed a series of by-laws yesterday outlining new illegal activities for the streets of Kenya’s capital. Newly outlawed activities include blowing one’s nose in public without using a hankercheif and spitting into trash cans. Another of the laws criminalizes loud noise.

This particular ordinance may have the biggest impact on the economy of Nairobi, in which street hawkers, cab drivers and store owners rely on verbally cajoling customers into their services. One resident argued the city is just trying to make money, either from imposed fines or bribes, and directly ignoring the needs of its citizens:

“We get our daily bread here,We are not making noise. The council must know that we are self-employed.”

The city maintains that the purpose of the news laws is to make the city more habitable and reduce general nuisance.