Russia’s Scientology ban found to be illegal

Russia’s Scientology ban found to be illegal


Get ready to whip out your e-meters and get audited, Russians. The European Court of Human Rights said in a binding ruling that Russia’s ban on Scientology is illegal.

Two Scientology groups brought their case to the court because they wanted to be listed as religious organizations, but Russian authorities denied their request because to be on that list a group must exist for at least 15 years. The court sided with the Scientologists.

This development comes not long after Germany’s battle with the religious group. When Scientology’s Berlin church opened, many Germans complained they were being harassed to join the group, and were worried about cult-like practices. For this reason, some German politicians called for the church to be banned. Germany’s domestic intelligence has been gathering information on the group and its potential threat to “Democratic order.”

The church claims that after all of the surveillance, no wrongdoing has been discovered and that they are merely a church committed to understanding the human spirit.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images