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Expert Sitings: Isaac Mao

Isaac Mao is cofounder of the Social Brain Foundation and vice president of Shanghai-based United Capital Investment Group. He helped pioneer the practice of using overseas servers to host Chinese blogs and served as cofounder of His Web site is
Chinese journalist-blogger Zhai Minglei started his blog after his print magazine, Minjian, was banned in 2007. Roughly translated as "newspaper for only one person," 1bao’s insights on politics, culture, and the media are popular among young Chinese, who access it despite China’s censors
The Web site of futurist Ray Kurzweil is my go-to source for the latest news and commentary on technology and artificial intelligence. Through a weekly e-mail newsletter, Kurzweil highlights the best theories and visions of how science and technology can make the world a better place.
ChinaDialogue is the first fully bilingual Chinese-English site dedicated to environmental issues in China. It collects links to news stories and reports — both positive and negative — on everything from the melting glaciers in the far northwest to Beijing’s smog.
YeeYan (or "voice of translation") is a "bridge blog" between the English- and Chinese-language worlds. Chinese users can read the most recent articles from Western media, including those from Web sites banned in China. Westerners, meanwhile, will find translations of Chinese blogs and media on topics ranging from the recent uprisings in Tibet to this summer’s Olympic Games.

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