The Geert Wilders Road Show is going back to London

The Geert Wilders Road Show is going back to London


Dutch MP Geert Wilders won an appeal lifting his travel ban to the United Kingdom. He was barred from entering the country after British officials deemed him a risk to the public order. Wilders, who wants to ban the Koran, called the reversal a victory for free speech.

Depending on who you ask, Wilders is either a hateful Islamophobe who wants to incite violence against Muslims or a  a common sense leader who doesn’t want his government’s tax money going toward unemployment checks for al-Qaeda bloggers, like it is in Belgium. Either way, he still faces trial in his native Holland for inciting hatred.

After being turned back at Heathrow Airport in February, Wilders appealed the ban, won, and plans to return to the UK next week at the request of Lord Pearson and his conservative UK Independence Party. There he will screen Fitna for the House of Lords. After Wilders was banned from the UK, Pearson said the government was appeasing militant Islam.

British authorities said of the reversal of the ban, “We are disappointed by the court’s decision. The government opposes extremism in all of its forms.”

Wilders claimed he isn’t an extremist.

“I’m not doing anything wrong,” he said. “I’m not protesting or running through the streets of London.”

Passport reported on Wilders’ visit to Washington in February.