Petraeus responds

Petraeus responds

The other day I joined a reader in wondering about the silence of Gen. Petraeus in recent months. Here is the general’s response:

My comment for your blog, Tom, in the wake of the speech:

I agree with General McChrystal that the situation in Afghanistan is “serious,” but the mission is “doable.” Needless to say, the tasks there are and will remain exceedingly challenging, complex, frustrating, and downright difficult. But we need to do all that we can to ensure that Afghanistan does not once again become a safe haven for Al Qaeda as it was before 9/11. The President’s policy establishes a clear mission (on which Secretary Gates will elaborate in his testimony) and provides the resources to accomplish it. We need to get the extra US and NATO/non-NATO coalition forces to Afghanistan as quickly as we can — and that’s what we’ll endeavor to do.

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