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Clinton speech: Development ‘central to advancing American interests’

Clinton speech: Development ‘central to advancing American interests’

Secretary Clinton delivered a speech, as seen above, today at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. In discussing development as one of the three pillars of U.S. foreign policy — defense, diplomacy, and development — she said:

[D]evelopment was once the province of humanitarians, charities, and governments looking to gain allies in global struggles. Today it is a strategic, economic, and moral imperative — as central to advancing American interests and solving global problems as diplomacy and defense."

She was wise is stressing that throwing dollars at the problem isn’t enough. There must be accountability:

[W]e must evaluate our progress and have the courage to rethink our strategies if we fall short. We must not simply tally the dollars we spend or the number of programs we run, but measure the lasting changes that these dollars and programs help achieve."

Meanwhile, this speech isn’t the only one Clinton will be giving this week. Friday, she is giving a speech to commemorate the 15th

anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development. I’ll attend, if I can get away from the office.