Russian Communists: Ban Avatar!

Russian Communists: Ban Avatar!

U.S. conservatives have blasted James Cameron’s blockbuster space epic Avatar for depicting U.S. marines as villains, others have critiqued it as a patronizing tale of a white American rescuing a native people from the ravages of imperialism, but the most unique criticism of the film yet may come from the St. Petersburg Communist Party: 

In the recently issued statement they claim that the sci-fi blockbuster is trying to justify the Nobel Prize award given to Barack Obama, but fails in its task as no one would believe that a US marine in the film (who the Communists describe as a “murderer and oppressor of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Haiti and Somalia”) can stand for good.

It should be noted that the production of Avatar began four years ago when Obama wasn’t even in office.

“It is quite funny to watch how the activists of the national liberation movement of Pandora accept a Pentagon-made mutant instead of judging him by the laws of the revolutionary time,” the communists noted.[…]

“The carefully concealed nature of an aggressor, traitor and maniac quickly discerned itself in Cameron’s film – according to the plot, Venezuela has already been invaded, Chavez is killed, and the hordes of G.I. break out into the Solar System, burning everything in their path. Conditionally separating the film’s heroes from the bad ones – Republicans (the head of the human’s colony and the marines), and good ones – Democrats, led by Jake Sully and fanatical botany professor (Sigourney Weaver), Cameron comes to the absurd – taking the side on of an extraterrestrial civilization in conflict with humanity.”

At the end of the statement is the demand “to ban the presentation of all Cameron’s films in Russia until he recognizes the plagiarism and robbing of Soviet science fiction in order to create his low-grade blockbuster.”

The KPLO also claim the the planet Pandora was ripped off from a 1960s Soviet science-fiction novel.

Russia Today notes that, “The Communists of St Pete and Leningrad Region are known for their strange statements on all important Russian and international events,” and this is not their first foray into film criticism. Two years ago they attacked Ukrainian actress Olgo Kurylenko for consorting with “enemy of the Soviet people” James Bond.