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Clinton on Haiti: ‘We have a plan’

Clinton on Haiti: ‘We have a plan’

Here are a couple of quick links about how Secretary Clinton’s meeting about Haiti earthquake relief went yesterday in Montreal:

"Clinton Says Plan for Haiti Exists" (Washington Times). A couple of excerpts:

The Obama administration wants to use a plan for rebuilding Haiti it had before this month’s earthquake, rather than "start from scratch," Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday as top diplomats from around the world gathered to map out the country’s recovery.


"So we have a plan," she said. "It was a legitimate plan, it was done in conjunction with other international donors, with the United Nations. And I don’t want to start from scratch, but we have to recognize the changed challenges we are now confronting."

"Haiti: 10 Years and $10 Billion in Aid?" (Toronto Star). An excerpt:

Clinton called it "novel" to do a needs assessment first, followed by planning, then the pledging of cash.

"It might seem different from what you’re used to," Clinton said, "where people come together and make all kinds of promises, many of which never get realized because the follow-up work is never done."