Play State of the Union Bingo with FP!

Play State of the Union Bingo with FP!

A quasi-annual tradition here on Passport is playing bingo during U.S. presidential State of the Union addresses. This year, bookies are already taking bets on everything from the length of the speech to the color of Barack Obama’s tie. But you can play along at home without risking any of your hard-earned cash.

Here’s how it works: Make yourself a Bingo card, like the one below. Instead of numbers, write in keywords or catchphrases you expect Obama to say. Cross off any squares corresponding to Obama’s actual remarks. Get five in a row, and you win a free subscription to Passport! Here’s mine, with a special emphasis on foreign-policy stuff:






war with al Qaeda

let me be clear

crossroads of history

this is our moment

building a better America

beacon of freedom

greatness of our nation

power of our ideals

promise of future generations

better day will come

false choices

green jobs

smart power



spending freeze

engine of prosperity

Osama bin Laden

climate change

energy independence

jobs of the future

21st century

politics of the past

culture in Washington

our children’s children