Zahra Rahnavard beaten by police

Zahra Rahnavard beaten by police

The Wall Street Journal passes along a report from the website of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi that his wife Zahra Rahnavard was attacked by police:

The site says that Ms. Rahnavard suffered injuries to her head and back from punches and baton blows.

She was attacked around Sadeqiyeh Square, where other members of the opposition were assaulted earlier in day. Bystanders eventually formed a protective circle around Ms. Rahnavard and helped her escape from the milita officers, the site says.

Frontline’s Tehran Bureau blog interviews the son of opposition leader and former presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi:

How is your father Haj Agha Mehdi Karroubi?

We’re treating him for burns to his face and eyes. He’s having trouble with his lungs too. He was badly attacked with pepper spray. Plainclothes agents (vigilantes) approached him and kept spraying it in his eyes. He’s resting at home though; he’s not been hospitalized.

Any news of your brother Ali?

We haven’t been able to figure out where he is. Everyone we call claims to have no information on him. We believe he’s in the custody of the law enforcement agency.

(Hati tip: NIAC)