The Ultimate Idiot’s Guide to Being an African Junta

Can PowerPoint slides keep a notorious military regime from committing atrocities?


David M. Crane, the former U.N. war crimes prosecutor for the Special Court in Sierra Leone, and his chief investigator, Alan W. White, indicted former Liberian warlord and president Charles Taylor in 2003. Three months ago, their new firm CW Group International offered to sell legal services to the murderous military junta in Guinea. (Read the full story by Turtle Bay‘s Colum Lynch here.)

The company’s proposal included a PowerPoint presentation on how to convert a repressive military force into a defender of the people that obeys the laws of armed conflict. The proposal was ditched after Guinea’s accused war criminal and junta leader, Moussa Dadis Camara, was shot in an assassination attempt carried out by one of his own officers.

Now if only Charles Taylor had seen this.

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