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Clinton speaks at U.N. nonproliferation conference

Clinton speaks at U.N. nonproliferation conference

At 3:15 this afternoon, Secretary Clinton delivered a speech in New York at the U.N. Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. At the conclusion of her remarks, she said:

The last 40 years have proved that nuclear proliferation is not inevitable. We believe it can be stopped, but it will take all of us here recognizing common dangers and finding common ground, rolling up our sleeves and getting creative, taking practical steps together in the next month.

A lot of skeptics out there say that when countries gather at the United Nations, nothing happens but a lot of words are used up. Well, it is up to us at this conference to prove those doubters wrong.… [O]ur children and our grandchildren will live with the consequences of what we decide this month. Whether the world is more or less secure depends on the path we take, and there is no greater reason than that to find a way to act together and to act decisively.

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