Will this ugly shirt be Hatoyama’s downfall?

Will this ugly shirt be Hatoyama’s downfall?

Japan’s fashionistas are not happy with the shirt Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama is wearing in the above photo: 

The sartorial decision provoked a fierce attack from the fashion critic Don Konishi. He said: "This shirt comes from the ’80s or ’90s. His ideas and philosophy are old. Japan is facing a crisis and we can’t overcome it with a prime minister like this. 

"A fashion designer like me can wear this, but not the leader of Japan."…

To Konishi, the shirt was the final straw as he predicted the demise of Mr Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) government.

"It seems the DPJ is over with this shirt," he said.

Why do I get the feeling his wife Miyuki picked it out for him.