New record set in bog snorkeling

New record set in bog snorkeling

Looking for a new hobby? You may want to give bog snorkeling a try.

The latest out of Wales is that a bog snorkeler may have set a new world record time for the sport by more than eight seconds. The Telegraph reports that race participants "must swim two lengths of a 60 yard muddy, water-filled trench using flippers but no recognized swimming strokes."

While the event was won by a Welshman, competitors came from as far away as Australian and Poland to compete. The winning time was one minute and 30.06 seconds.

If bog snorkeling alone isn’t enough for you, why not try the bog snorkeling triathlon? Also set in Wales, the triathlon consists of a 7.5-mile run, two lengths of the bog swim, and 19 miles of cycling. Last year, a Brit won the race in a record two hours, 21 minutes, and five seconds.