Iran paper update: Carla Bruni must die

Iran paper update: Carla Bruni must die

Calling French First Lady Carla Bruni a prostitute for having the gall to defend a woman sentenced to death by stoning just wasn’t enough for the hardline Iranian newspaper Kayhan. Tackling the subject again today (is this what passes for an Iranian newscycle?), they’ve condemned Bruni’s adulterous ways and said that she, too, should face capital punishment:

Studying Carla Bruni’s record clearly shows the reason why this immoral woman is backing an Iranian woman who has been condemned to death for committing adultery and being accomplice in her husband’s murder and, in fact, she herself deserves to die.

Clearly the above picture — Bruni with actor Owen Wilson — is proof of Bruni’s open soliciting of men (Does Sarko know?!?!). I wonder what Kayhan would say if they ever discovered Getty Images. Would it assert that Bruni’s pictures with Woody Allen suggest that she is in line with the Zionist conspiracy to control the world through neurotic humor?

To be fair, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has chided Kayhan’s recent editorial slant:

The policies, the manners and the comments of other countries’ officials, we criticize them, we make objections to them and we call for them to review their deeds, but we don’t think using inappropriate words and insulting words is the right thing to do.

There’s still been no comment from the office of the French presidency.

*Update: The French Foreign Ministry has responded to the attacks:

We are letting the Iranian authorities know that the insults put out by the daily newspaper Kayhan and taken up by Iranian websites regarding several French personalities, including Mrs Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, were unacceptable.