More jokes, please!

More jokes, please!

Last week, we put out a call for political jokes from our farflung readers. The results were, well, mixed, but we did get this one gem from reader DUNNAM04:

Three teams of astronauts, an American team, a German team, and a Serbian team, are sent on an exploratory mission to one of Jupiter’s moons. After a safe landing, the three teams suit up and step out onto the surface. They soon begin to quarrel over which nation gets to lay claim to this moon.

One of the Americans declares, "I hereby claim this moon as property of the U.S.A. If it were not for our heavy investment in space travel this trip would not have happened!"

One of the Germans then declares, "Nein! This moon shall belong to Deutschland! It was our scientists and physicists who made this possible!"

One of the Serbians then draws a gun from his spacesuit and shoots his fellow Serbian, who collapses dead onto the rocky surface.

He yells, "Serbian blood has been drawn here! This moon belongs to SERBIA!!!

We still want more — and as an added bonus, if you send us a really good one, we may publish it in the next print issue of FP. So if you’re sitting on a really great political joke from overseas, post in the comments section and we’ll keep publishing them here and in print.