Welcome to WikiLeaked!

Welcome to WikiLeaked!

View a slide show on what the WikiLeaks cables say about world leaders

Welcome to WikiLeaked, FP‘s brand-new blog dedicated to the thousands of State Department cables that are suddenly being thrust into the public domain, to the great chagrin of the U.S. governments and its friends and allies around the world. Over the next few weeks (and perhaps months) — as WikiLeaks dribbles out secret and sensitive documents on everything from the dating habits of world leaders to the prospects of political reform in Zimbabwe — we’ll be mining the site for nuggets of gold, providing context and making connections between people, places, and events.

We’ll also be cross-posting relevant blog items and articles from elsewhere on, so consider your one-stop shop for scoops and insights on the State Department cables. And we’ll keep on it as long as there are still interesting and important documents to discover.

FP comes to this story without an agenda: We have no axe to grind with the United States, or with any country for that matter. We are simply interested in reporting the facts to our readers all over the world, left and right, American and not. We know that these cables alone don’t tell the whole story: U.S. policy usually gets hashed out via an elaborate process in Washington, not through one person’s report from the field. And we know that just because a secret cable says something doesn’t make it true.

We also know that we’ll need your help. So please, send us tips or point us to new documents and reporting elsewhere. Tell us when we get something wrong. Give us your thoughts in the comments section. And keep reading.