WikiLeaks partners with Russian paper for Kremlin corruption dump

WikiLeaks partners with Russian paper for Kremlin corruption dump

As promised,  WikiLeaks appears to be about to begin releasing information on Russian government corruption, and they’re teaming up with Novaya Gazeta, a rare Russian newspaper known for its critical coverage and investigative reporting:

“Assange said that Russians will soon find out a lot about their country and he wasn’t bluffing,” Novaya Gazeta said. “Our collaboration will expose corruption at the top tiers of political power. No one is protected from the truth.”

The weekly newspaper is known in an industry dominated by state-run companies for its critical reports of the Kremlin and investigative coverage of Russian affairs.

Novaya Gazeta correspondent Anna Politkovskaya, who wrote about graft under then-President Vladimir Putin and chronicled abuses by military forces in Chechnya, was shot dead in her Moscow apartment building in 2006, on Putin’s birthday.

Novaya Gazeta received unlimited access to the WikiLeaks database, which has a “wide range” of materials, including documents about Politkovskaya’s murder as well as information about Russian politicians’ ties to organized crime, Nadezhda Prusenkova, a Novaya Gazeta spokeswoman, said by phone from Moscow. The newspaper will start releasing materials next month.

In other WikiLeaks new, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has, by unkown means, obtained access to the full Cablegate archive. There’s also some confusion over just what WikiLeaks has on Bank of America.