Is Iraq being partitioned invisibly?

Is Iraq being partitioned invisibly?

Mookie is back in Iraq.

Relevantly, Joel Wing analyzes rumors that Maliki promised the Sadrists the governorships of four southern provinces in Iraq. "On the other hand," Wing notes soberly, "he could renege on his promises as he’s done with others in the past."

Move along, nothing to see here, says the vice president. Joe Biden assures the Wall Street Journal‘s hard-working Gerald Seib that, "The really untold story here is the Iranians had virtually no influence." That would be good news if it were true. But given Biden’s multi-year track record as a counter-indicator on events in Iraq … I mean, wrong in ’91, wrong in ’03, wrong in ’07.

Let’s see what comes out of the Iranian foreign minister’s visit today. No slapping!

Here is Wing’s told ya so, Joe.