Revolution in the Arab World

Revolution in the Arab World

Revolution in the Arab World

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Economic stagnation, ancient autocrats, and stifling censorship — these are just a few of the grievances that are responsible for the upheaval currently threatening to sweep away the Arab world’s ruling regimes. Foreign Policy’s section on this revolutionary wave, which has irrevocably altered the governments in Tunis and Cairo and has other Arab leaders quaking in their boots, provides on-the-ground reporting and cutting-edge analysis to help you understand this historic moment.



  • The Myth of the Useful Dictator
    By James Traub

  • Libya’s Sexual Revolution
    By Ellen Knickmeyer

  • The Cynical Dairy Farmer’s Guide to the New Middle East
    By Karim Sadjadpour

  • Why Does This Dictator’s Son Have a Million-Dollar Condo in D.C.?
    By Ken Silverstein

  • Mohamed ElBaradei

    Global Thinkers: The Intellectuals Behind the Arab Spring

  • The Qaddafi Files: Exclusive Images from the Dictator’s Private Photo Collection

  • Free Syria Army

    On the Front Lines with Syria’s Free Army
    By Justin Vela

  • Pool Party at Saleh’s: My Bizarre Encounter with Yemen’s Leader
    By Lauren Goulding

  • Once Upon a Time in Damascus

    Once Upon a Time in Damascus
    An FP Photo Essay

  • Chaves and Qaddafi

    How Qaddafi Taught a Generation of Bad Guys
    By Douglas Farah

  • Highway to Homs: My Wild Motorcycle Ride Through Syria
    By John Pedro Schwartz

  • Saif al-Islam

    Libya’s Michael Corleone
    An FP Interview with the man who sold Saif Qaddafi to the West

  • Lords of the Realm: Why the Arab Spring Won’t Stop at the Gulf
    By Christopher Davidson

  • Libyan Grafitti

    Revolution in a Can: Grafitti and the Arab Uprisings By Blake Gopnik

  • Obama and Clinton

    The World’s Worst Human Rights Observer
    By David Kenner

  • Benghazi Diary: Dispatches from the Libyan Revolution
    By Ryan Calder

  • Hopeless posters

    The Baguettes of War: Inside the Middle East’s Defiant Kitchens
    By Anna Badkhen

  • Qaddafi

    5 Terrible Tyrants Who Should Go Next
    An FP List

  • Rap and the Revolution

    Rap and the Revolution: How Hip-hop Fueled Tunisia’s Revolt
    By Lauren Bohn

  • Amal Kenawy self portrait

    The Art of Upheaval
    An FP Photo Essay

  • Obama

    Don’t Blame Obama for Losing Egypt. It Wasn’t His to Win.
    By Aaron David Miller

  • Muslim Brotherhood press event

    The Muslim Brotherhood Isn’t As Scary As You Think
    By James Traub

  • Israeli Flag at Egyptian Border

    Why the Egyptian Revolution Is Good for Israel
    By Kai Bird

  • Setting up camp

    A Day in the Life of the Republic of Tahrir
    An FP Slide Show

  • Do Egypt’s Liberals Stand a Chance?
    By Evan C. Hill

  • Protester watching TV

    Just How Dangerous Is Al Jazeera?
    By Hugh Miles

  • Mubarak

    Egypt’s Foreigner Blame Game
    By Peter Bouckaert

  • Protesters holding signs

    Signs of the Times: Protest Art
    An FP Slide Show

  • Cracked bust of Hosni Mubarak

    The Wages of Arab Decay
    By Marc Lynch

  • Ben Ali

    The Strange Rise and Fall of Ben Ali
    By Christopher Alexander

  • How I Got Detained in Cairo
    By Blake Hounshell

  • Young anti-Mubarak protesters

    The Arab World’s Youth Army
    By Ellen Knickmeyer

  • Sarkozy’s Misguided Quest for Glory in Libya
    By Arthur Goldhammer

FP's Exclusive New Ebook: Revolution in the Arab World

Desert Revolt
Libya’s ragtag rebel army on the long road to Tripoli.


Revolution U
A Special Report by Tina Rosenberg.


Yes, It Could Happen There
Why Saudia Arabia is ripe for revolution.

Outta Here

Outta Here
Mubarak wasn’t the first world leader to make a run for the exit.

Mubarak protest sign

Winners & Losers
Is Egypt’s revolution bad news for Palestine and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Crowd of Egyptian protesters

Think Again: Egypt
5 myths about Egypt’s revolution.

Egyptian protester holding flag

Dispatches from Tahrir Square
From inside the chaos.


Mad Dog
The life and crazy times of Libya’s Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi.

Mohamed Elbaradei closeup

Exclusive Interview
Mohamed ElBaradei talks to FP

Hosni Mubarak

Goodbye and Good Riddance
Here’s why no one should feel sorry for Hosni Mubarak today.

Egyptian woman celebrating

Pharaoh /is Dead, Long Live Pharaoh?
Blake Hounshell on a tumultuous week in Cairo.

Revolutionary France

Forget 1989, It’s 1789
By David A. Bell

Bush and Saud

Embarrassing Allies
Strongmen the U.S. is too close to.
An FP List


Where Do We Go From Here?
FP asks 8 experts to weigh in.

Mubarak and Obama

Everyone Loves Loved Hosni
Thirty years of photo ops the West would just as soon forget.

Hand gripping rock

The New Arab World Order
And the future of U.S. diplomacy.
By Robert D. Kaplan

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