The department of not helping: From some of those who got us into Iraq

The department of not helping: From some of those who got us into Iraq

Contrary to many of this blog’s readers, I do think the United States should intervene to help Libya’s rebels. But I also think that invading Iraq in 2003 was a disastrous move for the United States, one that will cost us for decades to come. So it was with very mixed feelings that I read a letter urging President Obama to act, and saw it signed by so many of those people who urged us into Iraq:

Stephen E. Biegun     William Inboden     Danielle Pletka   Bruce Pitcairn Jackson        
John Podhoretz     Ellen Bork      Ash Jain     Randy Scheunemann     Paul Bremer              
Robert Kagan       Gary J. Schmitt     Scott Carpenter     David Kramer    Dan Senor
Elizabeth Cheney      Irina Krasovskaya     William Taft     Eliot Cohen        William Kristol 
Marc Thiessen     Seth Cropsey      Tod Lindberg      Daniel Twining   Thomas Donnelly         
Ann Marlowe      Ken Weinstein    Michele Dunne       Cliff May      Leon Wieseltier
Eric Edelman        Joshua Muravchik      Rich Williamson     Jamie Fly        Michael O’Hanlon
Damon Wilson     Reuel Marc Gerecht       Martin Peretz    

My guess is that this line-up actually will make people reconsider whether intervening is a good idea. So the letter is likely to have the opposite of the effect its signers intended. 

UPDATE: A friend writes, "look at the up-side: Dougie Fieth did NOT sign. So, maybe there’s some merit in the position after all."